How to obtain a work permit for a foreign citizen and how long does it take?

Cum obtinem un aviz de munca pentru un cetatean strain si in cat timp?

If you intend to work in Romania and you are a citizen of a country outside the European Union, you will need to find an employer, whether an individual or a legal person, willing to hire you.

In Romania you can only be employed to one employer.

In order to obtain a work permit, you must apply to the territorial units of the General Inspectorate for Immigration in the county in which the hiring company has its registered office.

When the permit is approved, the employer will pay a fee of 100 euros to be able to collect the work permit.

If you use our services, the deadline for obtaining the permit is 30-45 working days from the moment you provide us with the documents.

We offer assistance throughout the legal procedure for obtaining a work permit.

To obtain a work permit for a permanent worker the following documents are required:

  • Certificate of registration with the Trade Register Office, in copy and original (or a certified copy)
  • The certificate issued by the Trade Register Office, showing that no entries have been made concerning the existence of a final court decision for offences committed by the sole shareholder or, where applicable, the partners, in connection with the activity carried out or the declaration of bankruptcy;
  • The tax certificate issued by the public finance administration in whose territorial area the employer has its registered office, proving that the payment obligations to the state budget for the last quarter are up to date. It is not possible to obtain a work permit from a company that has debts to the state;
  • Certificate issued by the employment agency in which the employer has its head office, regarding the available labor force for the vacant job communicated by the employer according to the legal provisions;
  • Job description, organization chart with details of occupied and vacant positions;
  • Request of release of work permit for foreigners
  • Proof of publication of the vacancy advertisement in a daily newspaper
  • Firm offer of employment from the employing company
  • Copy of the minutes of the selection process for the vacant positions (it will include data on the selection procedure, the number of candidates and the reason for the selection of the current candidate)
  • Foreigner’s curriculum vitae, including a declaration on his/her own responsibility that he/she has no criminal record, that he/she is medically fit for employment and that he/she has a minimum knowledge of Romanian;
  • A certified copy of the educational document required for the position or occupation for which a work permit is requested, translated and certified in accordance with the law;
  • Copy of the foreigner’s valid passport and, if applicable, copy of the residence permit in Romania;
  • Two 3/4 type photographs of the foreigner
  • Criminal record or other document with the same legal value issued to the foreigner by the authorities of the country of origin or residence.
  • Criminal record of the employing company

In order to pick up the work permit from the General Inspectorate for Immigration, the employing company must pay the work permit fee (100 euros BNR rate on the day of payment).

This work permit fee will remain in original in the file that contains the application for the Igi work permit. It is advisable to make a copy of the proof of payment of the fee to keep in the company’s accounting records.

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