1. How can I work on Romanian territory for a Romanian employer?

The employer must submit to IGI (General Inspectorate for Immigration) a file containing a number of documents in order to obtain the work permit. You may work having a work permit if the following conditions are met:
• You meet the specific training, work experience and authorization conditions;
• You prove that you are medically capable to engage in the respective activity;
• You do not have a criminal record incompatible with the work that you are doing or are going to exercise in Romania;
• You fall within the annual quota approved by Government Decision;
• The employer has no unpaid obligations to the state;
• The employer effectively runs the activity for which the issuance of the work permit is required;
• The employer has not been sanctioned during the past 3 years for undeclared work or illegal employment.

2. How can I obtain a work permit as a permanent worker?

You can be hired in Romania by a single employer, person or entity.

The employer will submit an application for you at the General Inspectorate for Immigration, in order to obtain a work permit. In order to do this, you must submit the following documents: a diploma of Studies, the criminal record certificate from the country of domicile,photos,and the passport.

After obtaining the work permit,you will get a long-stay visa for employment, also written as D/AM,from the Romanian Consulate found in your country of origin.

With this long-stay working visa, you will be able to come to Romania, and the employer will be able to conclude the work contract with you.
Afterwards, you will personally submit the application for obtaining the residence permit for working purposes, which will be released over a one-year period.

3. Can I work in Romania without obtaining a prior work permit, if I am a non-EU citizen?

Yes. If you fall into one of the following situations:
• you are appointed at the head of a subsidiary, representative office or business unit in Romania of a company which is based abroad, according to documents proving it as required by the Romanian legislation;
• you hold a long-term residence right in Romania;
• you hold a temporary residence right for family reunification as members of the family of a Romanian citizen;
• you hold a temporary stay right for studies;
• you are an asylum seeker or a tolerated foreigner;
• you are holder of the right to temporary residence for employment purposes, employed in Romania with individual employment contract for full time, or for employment with another employer, with individual contract of part-time employment with no more than four working hours a day;
• also, foreigners holding a temporary residence permit for studies can be employed in Romania without a work permit only by individual employment contract for part-time work for no more than four hours a day.

4. How can I obtain a long stay visa for deployment at a beneficiary of the provision of services from Romania?

In order to obtain the long stay visa for employment you must obtain first a posting permit and the submit to Consulate:
• Copy of the work permit issued by the General Inspectorate for Immigration or, where appropriate, documents to prove that the applicant falls into the categories of foreigners who can be hired without a work permit;
• Proof of financial means of support equal to the minimum gross salary guaranteed in payment for the entire period inscribed on the visa;
• Criminal record certificate or other document with the same legal value issued by the authorities of the State of domicile or residence;
• Medical insurance valid through the duration of the visa.

5. How can I obtain a right of residence in Romania if I am a husband/wife/parent/child of an alien with a right to stay in Romania?

The person who makes the invitation is called a SPONSOR,due to the fact that he ensures accomodation and support for the members of the family he invites. As a sponsor, you can request family reunification for the husband/wife,for your minor,unmarried children or for those of your husband/wife,including the children who are adopted, for whom you or your husband/wife provide.

Your first degree relatives,or your husband’s/wife’s first degree relatives can also come on the means of family reunification, if they cannot provide for themselves and do not enjoy a proper family support in their country of origin.Furthermore, family reunification can also be made for your adult,unmarried children, or for your husband’s/wife’s adult,unmarried children,if they cannot provide for themselves due to medical reasons.

Unaccompanied minors who are beneficiaries of refugee status or subsidiary protection may request family reunification for first-degree relatives in ascending line or for the legal guardian, or when they do not exist or cannot be identified, for any one of their relatives.

6. How can I obtain a right of residence in Romania if I am husband / wife / parent / child of a Romanian citizen?

By requesting it directly at the Diplomatic Missions or Consular Offices of Romania if you fall into one of the following situations:
• Foreigners married to Romanian citizens;
• Unmarried foreigners who live with unmarried Romanian citizens, if they have at least one child together, hereinafter referred to as partners;
• Children of a Romanian citizen, of their spouse or partner, including the adopted children who: have not reached age 21, are continuing their studies and have not exceeded the age of 26 years although they are adults, or they cannot support themselves for medical reasons;
• First-degree relatives in ascending line of the Romanian citizen or their spouse;
• The foreigner who is a parent of a minor Romanian citizen, if they have a proof that the child is in their charge or that there is an obligation to pay alimony, which the stranger fulfills regularly;
• Foreigners, family members of Romanian citizens who can prove they are registered with the right of residence in another Member State in this capacity.

7. How to obtain long-stay visa for a S.C. administrator?

You must be the administrator of the company and proove the fact that on the date of the request you are not associated or shareholder of the company concerned or to another Romanian legal entity and have not had these qualities in the past 2 years.

Other conditions that must be met: there is no other foreigner associated with the company having obtained a right of residence for this purpose, and the company realized a contribution of capital or a technology transfer of at least 50,000 EUR.

8. How to obtain long-stay visa for volunteer programs?

You must have signed a voluntary agreement with a legal person in a public or private non-profit organization called the host-organization.

The contract will include the following mentions:
• the activity that you are going to pursue;
• the conditions under which you will be supervised on the job;
• information concerning the working hours.

The host-organization provides accommodation, means of support and medical insurance for the entire period of validity of the visa and covers the potential costs related to removal.

9. How can I obtain the right of temporary stay in Romania?

After entering Romania you must obtain a residence permit.

It certifies your right to stay in Romania and you can get it from the territorial units of the General Inspectorate for Immigration in the county where you live. To obtain a residence permit you have to submit personally a number of documents at least 30 days before the expiry of the right to stay granted by the visa.

You also have the possibility to submit the documents through the online service.

10. How to obtain long-stay visa for medical treatment?

If you follow a long-term medical treatment in the public or private medical institutions, you must submit a letter of acceptance from the respective institutions, specifying the diagnosis and duration of the treatment.

A potential companion may remain with you, who will assist you if you are unable to care for yourself, but only if this is expressly mentioned in the letter of acceptance.

11. How to obtain a short term residence visa for visitation?

Documents needed:
• proof of insuring the accommodation conditions, in the form of a final booking at an accommodation unit, of a deed of ownership or of a deed concluded for the rental of a dwelling in Romania, on the applicant’s name, if the visited person does not insure accommodation;
• travel ticket valid until destination or driver’s license, Green Paper and registration documents of your transportation means, for drivers;
• medical insurance;
• authenticated invitation from the person you are going to visit, attesting that he/she will bear the costs for your return, in case the invited foreign citizen does not leave Romania by the date of expiry of the residence right established in the visa, and the means of supporting and accommodating the foreign citizens, in case the visited person undertakes to bear such costs(stamped by IGI if necessary);
• proof of your means of subsistence amounting to Euro 50/day for the entire period, but not less than Euro 500 or the equivalent amount in a convertible currency, if the visited person does not provide the means of subsistence.

12. How to obtain a short stay visa for business?

In order to obtain this type of visa, you must submit the following documents to the Romanian diplomatic representative offices or consular offices:
• invitation from trade companies or public authorities to attend meetings, conferences, fairs or congresses related to commerce or industry, certifying the fact that the respective trade company or public authority will bear the costs for your return, in case the invited foreign citizen does not leave Romania by the date of expiry of the residence right established in the visa or in other documents proving the purpose of the trip;
• proof of your means of subsistence amounting to Euro 50/day for the entire period, but not less than Euro 500 or the equivalent amount in a convertible currency;;
• invitation endorsed by the General Inspectorate for if you are a citizen of a State which needs this kind of approval.